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28 December 2012


semi-overcast 14 °C

A delightfully warm shower again this morning…much to mums disgust when she got a cold one :).

Surprise surprise it was back to Lebistro for breakfast again this morning. After sitting in the sunshine trying to warm up it was decided we would walk the 4kms to Chabahil.

We left Thamel and made our way out to Chabahil. By the time we arrived there we were all rather hot but within minutes of being in the cold concrete building were needing to put jumpers back on.

Dad ran the class today and there were quite a few there because it is a public holiday here. Dad started the class on Revelation 15 and 16 with the intention of making a few comments then going back to continue the 7 letters in chapter 2 and 3 we were dealing with previously. After 2 and a half hours he had finished chapters 15 and 16 and asked if anyone had questions. Of course there were questions so he went ahead answering those. From there it was decided that everyone was really enjoying it so dad would go on to the letter to Pergamos in Revelation 2. He only got to the end of that when it was decided we needed to stop (almost 4 hours since we’d started and still they all had their ears pinned back).

I was sitting next to sister Sabita who has two little children, Anjal who is about 4 I think and a little girl Abigel who is about 10 months. I gave Anjal a piece of paper and a pen and he sat there writing English words and drawing me pictures with descriptions for at least two hours straight. It is incredible, in the 4 hours I think he got up maybe two or three times but otherwise was a very well behaved little boy. Abigel was gorgeous as well. She slept for at least the first 2 hours and then started to whimper a little. Sabita took care of her and then she sat there contently barely making a noise for the remainder of the 4 hours. It truly was incredible to watch such small children so well behaved.

After the class we were all served tea and biscuits. We sat around and talked for a while and everyone started to leave. Just before we left I gave Abigel a little doll…she was scared of it too start with! It was so cute to watch as she watched it for a bit not sure what to think. I think she just didn’t like the face! As soon as we turned it around so it was just the back showing she was happy to play with it but if you turned it face on you could see she was about to cry. By the time we left it wasn’t nearly so bad and she didn’t mind it but it was really gorgeous to watch.

We were invited up to sister K’s for coffee then (thank you again Kathryn for drinking mine) and from there brother Kishon and sister K walked with us to brother Reuben’s shop for dinner. The dinner was enjoyed by all and was a really really filling meal…a lot of them don’t understand that we can’t eat piles and piles of food.

We walked back to Chabahil with brother Kishon and sister K and then decided to walk back to Thamel to try wear off some of our dinner! We arrived safely in Thamel and I went with mum to get some more photocopying for Sunday School tomorrow…I could have anywhere up to 30 kids because the two ecclesias are combining. It was straight back to the hotel then and ready for bed…to full and tired to do anything energetic.

More river rocks delivered tonight…. It goes like this…
First the truck engine can be heard
Then the whistle as someone guides the driver to the edge of the pit
The beeping of the truck reversing, more whistling and a bit of yelling in Nepali
BANG BANG … two bangs as they knock out the bolts holding the tail gate up
The whirring of the back of the truck being lifted
A few smooth river stones fall first and then the bulk of the stones follow
Big river rocks banging out of the truck and down the pile already congregated at the side of the pit.
That noise goes on for a while getting louder and louder and then nothing…
Eventually the noise of the truck lowering and driving off.

You have to listen to the movie I have of it to really believe it but it sounds for all the world like an earthquake or building falling…it’s quite hard to describe and terrifying to listen to if it catches you off guard.

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